Training & Lesson Rates

Please see the sections below for our current training and trial lesson rates, please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

If you are buying for someone else then why not consider a gift certificate for a monetary value or indeed just buy a trial lesson, all trial lessons are issued as vouchers so you can book your flight when it suits the recipient, ideal as a birthday or Christmas Gift.

Trial Flight Costs

Description Duration Rate
R22 Trial lesson* 30 Mins £165.00
R22 Trial lesson* 40 Mins £215.00
R22 Trial lesson* 60 Mins £315.00
R22 Introductory day* 2.5 Hrs

R22 Flight Training Costs

Description Rate Per Hour
PPL Dual Instruction £285.00
PPL Dual Instruction (10 hr block) £275.00
CPL Dual Instruction (30 hrs plus 5 hrs night flying) £310.00
Self fly hire £220.00
Self fly hire (10 hr block) £210.00

R44 Flight Training Costs

Description Rate Per Hour
Dual Instruction £450.00
Dual Instruction (10hr block) £435.00
Self fly hire £399.00

Jet Ranger Flight Training Costs

Description Rate Per Hour
Dual Instruction £595.00
Self fly hire £550.00

Examiners Fee & Ground School

The examiners fee is £300.00 and duration as required, there is no charge for Ground School. All students receive a full briefing for each of the 27 air exercises. Study for the exams is by self-study. But should individuals find they need extra tuition on any subject, then ground instruction is available at:

£50.00 hr.

All prices (* with the exception of Trial Lessons) subject to VAT at the standard rate and are correct as at 01/06/17.