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If you have a Trial lesson voucher please call on 01938 555860 to book your flight

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2. Complete the form and we will contact you to arrange a time.
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2022 Pleasure Flight dates

Welshpool Airport

Sat 26th March
Sun 10th Apr
Sat 30 Apr
Sun 15th May
Sat 11th June
Sun 24th July
Sat 27th Aug Fully Booked
Sat 10th Sept
Sun 18th Sept
Sat 1st Oct

Manchester City Airport, Barton

If you have a flight for Manchester Barton
please email us on
for more information.

Cardiff Heliport
dates coming soon


Please call 01938 555860


Sat 21st May
Sun 5th June
Sat 16th July
Sun 14th Aug
Sun 4th Sept

Snowdon, Betws y Coed

Sat 16th April
Sun 8th May
Sat 21st May
Sun 5th June New Date
Sun 19th June Fully Booked
Sun 3rd July New Date
Sat 9th July only 2 G & W and 2 M & M left
Sun 10th July Single G & W seats only left
Sun 31st July Single seats only left
Sun 7th Aug New Date
Sat 13th Aug Single seats only left
Sat 20th Aug Single seats only left
Sun 21st Aug 
Sun 11th Sept
Sat 24th Sept
Sun 9th Oct

If you have a Magic and Mountains Tour you can also fly from our new location, Llanbedr Airfield, on the dates below. The scenic highlights of the tour are the same, as per the website description; just a different departure point.

Snowdon, Llanbedr

Sun 24th April
Sun 26th June
Sun 17th July
Sun 28th Aug
Sun 25th Sept

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