Departure Point: Welshpool
Flight Time: 30 Minutes
Max Weight: 17st per person

This flight takes you over a stunning part of Wales that most people just don’t know about! The first thing that you’ll see is the impressive sandstone mansion of Powis Castle as we head towards the serenity of the mountain locked Lake Vyrnwy valley. On route you will pass over the village of Meifod, where it is said that many of the Kings and Princes of Powys are buried. In the distance you will see Cadar Idris, the chair of Idris the Giant. It is rumoured that if you spend the night on the mountain you will end up as a poet or madman.

Look further north and on a clear day you may see the peaks of Snowdon. As you reach Lake Vyrnwy you will first see the stone built dam, the first of its kind in the world. There are 31 rivers and waterfalls that run into the lake, its waters supply Liverpool and are used to make Bombay Sapphire Gin. From there we continue over the forest covered hills to the waterfall of Pistyll Rhaeadre, the highest in England and Wales before returning over the beautiful Berwyn Mountains and down the Severn Valley to Welshpool. After seeing it from the air you will want to explore more of it on the ground!

Flights take place on certain days from April until October, once you have purchased and received your voucher you can redeem it online and book a date for your flight.

Prices are per person. Flights will be shared with up to three other passengers.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.