This is a half day group experience that will really give you an insight into the way to become a helicopter pilot!

Greeted with teas and coffees by your Flight Instructor, you will then receive a classroom briefing explaining just how the helicopters’ controls allow it to do what it can do. The functions of the cyclic, the collective and the pedals will all be explained. You will then have a hands on 15 minute lesson during which time you will really get the chance to put into practice all you have been taught.

Afterwards, over the refreshments provided, you will want to sit and go over the exhilarating experience you have just had, and talk about it with the other participants. But the day is far from over. Your instructor will then give a presentation on exactly what you have to do to become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot, and the kinds of work you can find yourself doing after qualifying. You will then be shown and get to inspect more complex turbine engine helicopters. You may even get the chance to take a look at an Air Ambulance Helicopter !

What is included:
Refreshments and snacks
Briefing on helicopter controls and systems
15 minute helicopter lesson
Career Path Presentation of the way to become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot
Viewing of more complex turbine helicopters
Viewing an Air Ambulance helicopter (if available)

Notes: Weight limit 16stone. Minimum age 14. This experience is a group activity with up to 7 other participants. Activity occurs on set days throughout the year, normally on a Friday.

Once you have purchased and received your voucher contact us to redeem it and book your flight.