Departure Point: Llanbedr Airfield
Flight Time: 15 Minutes
Max Weight: 17st per person

This is a privae flight for up to three passengers, you can either follow our routing below or create your own within the time.

Your flight starts from Llanbedr Airfield on the beautiful coast of Wales, you will follow the coast down to the seaside resort of Barmouth.

William Wordsworth described Barmouth as “With a fine sea view in front, the mountains behind, the glorious estuary, and Cadair Idris within a day’s walk, Barmouth can always hold its’ own against any rival.”

In front you will see the mountain of Cadair Idris, which means Idris’s chair in Welsh.
Legends about this mountain abound. Idris was a giant warrior poet who created a seat at the top to view the heavens. He sat in his chair to remove three pieces of grit from his shoes which he tossed down the mountain, the three large stones that rest at the bottom are supposed to be those annoying pieces of grit.

If you sleep alone on the mountain you will wake up either a poet or a madman and some of the lakes nearby are supposed to be bottomless. Wales is full of myths and legends!

Before heading back to Llanbedr, you will fly over the village of Bontddu which was center of the welsh gold rush in the late 1800s. Gold from the nearby Clogau Gold mine, now disused, has been used for the Royal wedding rings since 1923 starting with Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and more recently the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Flights take place on certain days from April until October, once you have purchased and received your voucher you can redeem it online at the redeem tab above.

This is a private flight for up to three passengers

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.